Suits you, sir

I was very pleased to read today that ‘looking good in a suit’ is officially the 17th most important thing UK women find irresistible about men.  Pleased but not surprised because (full disclosure time), my agency’s PR team commissioned the research (omnibus of 4,000 people I think) for a client and before I was off … Continue reading Suits you, sir

I am woman, hear me whisper

The new Diet Coke ad from Mother had its first official airing last night during The Brits. I can’t say that I exactly warmed to it – and I’m bang on target audience. Based on the ad, I’m led to believe that drinking Diet Coke will make you want to ride around on a bicycle … Continue reading I am woman, hear me whisper

Marketing to women? Don’t just think pink. has a female fever report on its August trend briefing – but the thing that most struck me was that the majority of the female-friendly products were pink. Personally, I don’t feel the need for a pink taxi, pair of trainers or pink gardening gloves as I’d much rather the key selling point was that … Continue reading Marketing to women? Don’t just think pink.