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retail winners and losers in a heatwave

images via the BBC online and TV forecasts I love all the weather-related retail stories that come out whenever there’s the slightest sign of a heatwave in the UK. It’s a gift for PRs (who are probably sitting on a load of Royal Baby press releases they can’t send out yet) and a fun way […]
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bring me sunshine

pic by stuant63 on flickr, CC applies  I don’t know if this is a worldwide phenomenon, but a bit of sunshine seems to make us Brits ridiculously happy. I worked my way through ten telephone interviews on Friday with middle aged, middle class ladies and they were, to a woman, full of optimism and the […]
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Snow need to panic

If nothing else, this country is good at adversity.  We know exactly what to do – PANIC! Admittedly, its rather cold and snowy at the moment (snowfall on 20 out of the last 23 days round here and minus 10 last night). But we Brits really know how to make a drama out of a […]
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MORE snow?

We’re not very good at dealing with snow in the UK.  We just don’t normally get that much of it to make it worth seriously stockpiling grit, investing in snow chains or 4x4s or otherwise being prepared for inclement weather. It’s snowed for 18 of the last 20 days here and we had another 4 […]
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this morning’s meeting is cancelled

Dear Potential New Client, I will not be able to attend this morning’s meeting because my agency’s Company Car Scheme does not extend to include a team of husky dogs and a sled.

the weather is springing another one on us

I know everyone thinks we Brits are obsessed with the weather, but we do have good reason. First there was last Summer’s wash out, when an umbrella and wellies became essential fashion accessories.  Then last weekend Spring arrived.  On the 9th of February to be exact (the middle of our winter for you Antipodeans).  It was about […]
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snowy weather / online behavior correlation?

I had a wardrobe clear-out recently and stuck some clothes up on ebay.  The auction ended this Friday. When the buyer details came through, I was surprised to see that three out of the five buyers came from Wales.  And then I thought about the really snowy weather they’ve been having. So my hypothesis is that […]
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