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Was Heathrow a welcome back for T mobile?

So the T Mobile mega ad just aired: As the latest in the series, I’d somehow got the impression that it was going to be another mass event type affair (a la Trafalgar Square) or at least very shareable on mobiles (like what they, you know, sell).  But after all that fuss, it seemed a […]
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I’m giving it to you straight

In my humble opinion, this newish ad from Magners for their pear cider is just one tiny element away from being great The proposition makes a lot of sense, the creative concept works, the script is tight, but the casting is just wrong.  Every time the actor raises his hands to demonstrate his exasperation with […]
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When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

Thanks to Lunar BBDO’s blog for pointing me towards New York Magazine’s most memorable advertisements Madison Avenue ever sold, which includes this 1980s gem from Federal Express: I love the end line, but I think you’d get away with somewhat smaller terms & conditions these days!