the sun has got his hat on – but snow is on the way

We’re enjoying some unseasonable weather here in the UK, with temperatures that would be impressive for high Summer, let alone mid Autumn. This heatwave has been unexpected and we all know it can’t last – so as a nation we seem determined to make the most of it.  Asda is reporting record sales of burgers … Continue reading the sun has got his hat on – but snow is on the way

The weather outside (was) frightful

I’ve perhaps been guilty of overdoing the ‘oh-my-god-its-still-snowing’ posts on the blog recently (the white stuff lasted 4 ½ weeks in the end) and I can’t imagine that anyone outside the snow-bound UK would have found them particularly interesting. But what I have found invaluable as I’ve tried to make the decision in recent weeks … Continue reading The weather outside (was) frightful

snow joke

Thats it.  I completely give up on trying to chose suitable outfits or plan any activities according to the time of year and therefore the expected weather conditions. Last Summer it rained pretty much non-stop for five months, ruining two pairs of shoes and making all seasonal events decidedly soggy affairs. Then Spring temporarily showed … Continue reading snow joke