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a Leeds retail safari – with an unimpressive Trinity

I went on a bit of a Retail Safari round Leeds yesterday morning: We’ve heard of Pound Shops, but how about the Pound Bakery? They’ve over 30 stores, mostly in the North. picture from a RidingsFm promo event because I didn’t think to take pics, doh M&S have taken a stall at Leeds Market (where […]
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I can’t predict the future, but I’m fairly sure about Staycationing, Staying In and Savvy Shopping

cartoon by Tom Fishburne I keep being asked at work to have a stab at predicting consumer attitudes and behaviours in three, six or even twelve months time.  Since no-one seems to be sure whether we are in a W or V shaped recession, this is a tad challenging to say the least. I am […]
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understanding value

Like many other Planners I suspect, I’ve been pulling together a lot of insight pieces for work recently looking at the effect of the downturn economy on buying behaviour. Since it’s proper paid-for-by-my-employer stuff drawing on all the groups and depths the research team have been doing with mums recently, I can’t really share it […]
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