abandon hope, all ye who pitch (or tender) round here

It’s slowly dawning on me that it’s not just the large-ish integrated agencies I used to work for that get seriously messed about in tenders and pitches by clients.  Every agency I go into seems to be in the throes of some kind of new business related angst.  Take, for example: The client’s tender where … Continue reading abandon hope, all ye who pitch (or tender) round here

when the brief is more away-with-the-fairies than ‘challenging’

We’ve all been there at one time or another.  The client pitch brief that asserts their ambition for the brand to be seen as the country’s leading X or most aspirational Y.  When you know full well that the brand has more baggage than Terminal 5 on a BA strike day, is right up there … Continue reading when the brief is more away-with-the-fairies than ‘challenging’

not so perfect pitch

screengrab from the infamous agency.com Subway pitch video I’m prepping a pitch at the moment.  So I was interested to read Merry Baskin’s piece in March’s Admap about the pitch process. Merry’s Ten Top Tips for Agencies includes ‘Rehearse.  Three times- once for content and storyline, twice in front of an audience and thrice, the … Continue reading not so perfect pitch

Clients behaving badly

 New Business is turning into a bit of a farce at the moment. A client I pitched for in November (who announced within 24 hours that we were down to the final two agencies) let us know today that they’d finally made the decision to appoint the other lot. That’s three months it took them … Continue reading Clients behaving badly

pitching should be a two-way process

At the Northern Planning Summit last Thursday night in Sheffield we ended up discussing what would you chose not to pitch for as an agency?, which encompassed wider issues like are they flogging booze/sub-prime finance/fags/politics (delete according to where you draw the line) and are they likely to turn into the client from hell? Which made me think alot … Continue reading pitching should be a two-way process