Games Makers really deliver

I was at Greenwich on Tuesday watching TeamGB win the Olympic Dressage.  The whole day was pretty amazing, but one thing I hadn’t expected was how good the volunteer Games Makers were. the BBC's Clare Balding leaves Greenwich at the same time as the Games Makers (pic from her twitter) There were literally hundreds of … Continue reading Games Makers really deliver

Olympic misADttribution

The Olympic Marketing Police can do all they like about cracking down on use of Olympic messaging or brand icons by non-sponsors (their 'statutory marketing rights' document is 61 pages long), but brands who aren’t on the official roster are still going to be associated with London 2012 by the Great British Public. As early … Continue reading Olympic misADttribution

get set for a long haul celebratory Summer

I did a project a few months back for a UK retailer looking at all the events planned for Summer 2012 and assessing the likely impact.  Without giving away all the insight the client paid for, it’s a little bit worrying. For a start, it’s going to be a long-haul Summer.  From the Diamond Jubilee … Continue reading get set for a long haul celebratory Summer

London 2012 Olympic mascots

 So the London 2012 Olympic mascots were unveiled yesterday to, it has to be said, a less than entirely enthusiastic worldwide reception. My personal issue is that (at least in their current form) Wenlock and Mandeville feel very generic, like they could be representing any one of the recent Beijing, Athens, Sydney or Atlanta Olympics.  … Continue reading London 2012 Olympic mascots

what did you do last night to make me feel proud?

I went to 'London 2012: The Ultimate Pitch' last night at The Royal Armouries, hosted by Leeds Media. Part one: Daryl Goodrich, director of the 'Sport at Heart' and 'Inspiration' films that were instrumental in helping London to win the 2012 Olympics talked us through both films, complete with storyboards, anecdotes and the tale of … Continue reading what did you do last night to make me feel proud?