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when size itself becomes a fashion marketing tool

I popped into M&S the other day and noticed a piece of POS encouraging women to ‘Drop a Dress Size’ in their new range.  The body copy explained that you should buy the dress in your usual size and its cut and support would make you appear a dress size smaller. M&S have quite clearly […]
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M&S Summer ad hits the spot

I rather like the new M&S Summer ad.  It’s an excellent way of a) subtly muscling in on the Olympic action without being a sponsor, b) hedging their bets as to which big event of this Summer (the Jubilee, Olympics or Euro 2012) will provide the most retail uplift and c) allowing RKCR/Y&R to edit the […]
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M&S and X Factor – which brand are they actually promoting?

So, I said I’d deal with the M&S X Factor Finalists Christmas Commercial in a separate post. Now obviously, this is part of a much wider M&S / X Factor tie up that includes sponsored airtime competitions, behind the scenes films and so on. I assume the brief was about repositioning M&S for a wider, […]
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M&S – not so great fits

M&S launch a new national press campaign by RKCR/Y&R this weekend, which has apparently been ‘designed to communicate that M&S is committed to women of all shapes and sizes’. There’s just one tiny problem – the model’s bra doesn’t really fit her properly.  M&S’s own website says: Ooops.

Good week for M&S as they keep it real

It’s been a good week for M&S.  Their new telly ad seems to have gone down well, with loads of positive online buzz and the track featured (Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn) is inching its way up the itunes chart: The casting of the latest batch of M&S Girls seems pretty spot on […]
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all I want for Christmas is a sensible v-neck jumper…

Somewhere in my blog reader this week (I really should have saved it) there popped up a post about how perhaps this year’s crop of festive ads were a little too knowing (if you know whose post it was, please comment & I’ll link to them). I think the post referenced in particular the new […]
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