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Never Knowingly Underprepared

As the fridge heaved last weekend with the extra-large-in-case-it-snows-alot supermarket shop, I was chatting to a family member about what our family motto could be.  We came up with Never Knowingly Underprepared. image generated here As a family we all like lists, fully stocked cupboards, Plans of Action and Being Prepared.  In my previous agency […]
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confidence is contagious

I was having lunch with a junior planner yesterday and she was telling me how thoroughly she prepares for client meetings and presentations, just for the extra bit of reassurance that she has every possible angle covered. Which made me offer her the thought that the most important thing I’ve learned about meetings and presenting […]
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Estimated time of completion

Yesterday’s client meeting went on a little longer than planned, resulting in a mad dash back down the A1.  So I’m working on a formula to calculate what the actual length of any meeting might be:

Can anyone top this?

Client at inter-agency client meeting: “Thank you all for coming today, but there are quite a lot of you and its crowded, so can we just have one person per company and the rest of you can leave”. Yes, it really happened.  Can anyone top this?