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Land Rover ad evoques past triumphs

I’ve been wanting to post this for ages, but the only version I’d seen before today’s Sunday Times Magazine ad was a 48 sheet on a dual carriageway roundabout which would have made photo taking a bit hairy. It nicely shifts the Evoque away from the rather chavtastic TOWIE niche it currently  seems to be […]
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what happens when designers and printers don’t talk to each other

I was at spectating at Bramham Horse Trials last weekend and in the official programme I found a classic example of what happens when designers and printers don’t talk to each other. This is the map of the cross country course: No less than eight of the jump locations were hidden in the binding.  I’d […]
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Putting my finger on an art direction trend

I’ve noticed a new trend in TV art direction recently – the Touchscreen Finger Effect.  Watch how we slide seamlessly from one product benefit to another!  That’s how cool and relevant to your tech-savvy life our brand and product is! Recent offenders include: Land Rover  Recover Energy with .. Watch the ad… Toyota Auris Thousands […]
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rather liking this

Apart from the (obviously pleasing to me) horsey connections, this viral from Land Rover supporting their sponsorship of British Eventing is just nicely understated and a cheeky companion to 2006’s press ads.  There’s also a rugby version and you can view both on Land Rover’s microsite here.

My Ad of the Year

This is my Ad of the year – Zara Phillips for Land Rover.  Perhaps not one of the most obvious choices (Sony Bravia, Nike St. Wayne etc.), but it gets my vote for several reasons: 1) Perfect timing – as far as I can tell it broke the day of the BBC Sports Personality of the […]
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