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What are you an Unlikely Expert on?

I had dinner with some Lady Planners last week and was telling one of them that next time she needs to buy a particular item of furniture she should give me a shout, because after a massive project for a retailer I am now an expert on the subject. I then realised that she has […]
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future trends in innovation and friends

Neil Perkin has been doing a series of ‘Future Trends in Digital Marketing Innovation Briefings’ for Econsultancy and the roadshow hit Leeds last Thursday.  Some of the things Neil talked about included Networked Enterprises and Innovation within companies.  In fact it seems to me that the two are pretty much interconnected. The days of organisations […]
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Information Overload

Is it too easy to get hold of information?  With online news and creative databases, google, technorati and consumer reviews sites like dooyoo all only a mouse click away, its easy to find yourself buried under a mountain of information.  But theres a difference between information and insight.  The nugget that points us in the […]
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