nearly time for Interesting 2009

It’s Interesting 2009 on Saturday and I’m a bit giddy about it.  I’ve managed to turn it into a shopping and catching-up-with-mates London weekend-a-thon and will be boarding the train Down South at stupid o’clock on Saturday morning. If you’re going to be there too, please come and say hello – I’ll be the one … Continue reading nearly time for Interesting 2009

Interesting 2009 speakers announced

Russell has posted an (incomplete) list of speakers for Interesting 2009 – and it looks brilliant. Talks include: Guerrilla Gardening Learn Morse Code in 20 minutes the rules of gentlemanly conduct Ponies I Have Loved; Both Real and Imagined (I’m obviously looking forward to that one) everything you know about nuclear power is wrong how … Continue reading Interesting 2009 speakers announced

Interesting 2009 tickets news

The first 100 tickets for Interesting 2009 (Conway Hall, London, September 12th) go on sale June 17th.  Two more tranches of 100 tickets to follow in subsequent weeks in case you’re on hols/pitching/poorly/whatever that day and can’t get online. If you don't know about Interesting, it's sometimes billed as 'a one-day conference of ideas for people … Continue reading Interesting 2009 tickets news