grocer demographics are getting difficult

I went on a 'Retail Safari' earlier this week.  The aim was to update myself on a client's category, but during my day criss-crossing Leeds to visit five different grocery retailers I couldn't help but keep thinking about demographics. At 11am on a weekday morning a third of shoppers in the Lidl store I visited were carrying handbags … Continue reading grocer demographics are getting difficult

shoppers are changing faster than the shops are

Every possible media outlet has run some kind of piece recently about how the big supermarkets are dinosaurs and, basically, deserve every bit of ill fortune they might experience. But I've yet to read a piece which compares the speed at which shopping habits are changing (i.e. very quickly) with how much time it takes … Continue reading shoppers are changing faster than the shops are

suggestions why Pepsi Raw is no more

So super-premium cola Pepsi Raw is no more. I can’t say I’m surprised.  Having worked on a number of soft drinks brands in the on premise and wider foodservice environment (including twice for Britvic, Pepsi’s UK bottler), carbonates have always been difficult to market, especially in the on-trade. For a start, as a general rule … Continue reading suggestions why Pepsi Raw is no more