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Top Tips for Account Planners doing their own focus groups

I’ve been freelancing as a Planner for for nearly a year now and I’m doing a lot more qualitative research than I did as an Agency Type.  I think partly this is because I no longer sit in a room full of quallies ready to head off to Milton Keynes with a discussion guide at […]
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A rogue respondent as seen from the viewing room

pic nicked from The White Rooms in St Albans (UK) – not where I was last night but v. highly recommended I was at a viewing facility last night and in the second group there was one respondent who was a real pain in the neck for the moderator. There’s always one (let’s call him Bob), […]
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quote of the week

From a respondent in a mail order group I was viewing last night: Moderator: “So what do you do with your catalogue when it arrives?” Respondent: “I take it straight to the toilet”

Are you *quite sure* Mr Client?

Email today from Mr Big Shot Client asking to move some of his groups from viewing to in-home as he would like to actually sit in on them. I can only assume that he’s never spent three hours crammed into a corner of a suburban living room, precariously perched on an ancient velvet pouffe while […]
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when great ads (sometimes) get killed by focus groups

Produced for the New England 2007 Hatch Awards by Arnold, this is a sobering example of why the average focus group stuck in a meeting room and forced to watch an animatic don’t necessarily produce the kind of feedback that leads to great creative. In fact, there’s a whole other rant here bemoaning the demise of holding groups […]
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