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since when did clicking ‘like’ become the price of beginning a conversation?

I got a press release from Lemsip’s digital agency the other day, rather belatedly letting me know about their ‘It’s a Man’s Flu’ facebook campaign.  I dutifully headed over there to have a look…but you couldn’t have a play with it unless you ‘liked’ the page first It’s not just Lemsip, they’re all at it.  […]
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How *not* to do social media

It seems that Nestle haven’t quite got the hang of this Social Media malarkey.  Their facebook fan page has been hit by a lot of people not happy about Nestle’s use of palm oil and the link to rainforest destruction. But Nestle’s problems really started when the Nestle facebook moderator responded to facebookers who had […]
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when market research met social networking

One of my lovely colleagues in the Research team at work introduced me to Facebook Polls the other day. Having the ability to canvass the opinions of 100 Facebook users for just $26 (complete with online results charts) and to turn it around in just 24 hours is A Good Thing.  Being able to ask Prison […]
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