Fangs for the distraction

I came across a great phrase the other day - Time Vampires.  Which seems to be commonly defined as distractions or events that take you away from your working day. So hello, Twitter.  And hi there to facebook and just about every other social networking site and blogging platform.  It’s very tempting when inspiration is … Continue reading Fangs for the distraction

A Presentation About Community, By The Community (and me)

Neil from Only Dead Fish had a presentation to make at IMM09 about online communities.  So he crowdsourced ‘A Presentation About Community, By The Community’ by requesting slides from the planners, digital specialists, researchers and so on who read his blog. The final presentation is below (including a slide contributed by moi, see if you … Continue reading A Presentation About Community, By The Community (and me)

not sure where this waterslide is heading

I got a nice email today from Barclaycard’s online PR people linking to their waterslide challenge, the gist of which appears to be that they’re inviting everyone to create their own DIY waterslide ad, upload it and the winner by public vote gets a trip watersliding round the world. It’s a nice way of extending … Continue reading not sure where this waterslide is heading

You don’t just create communities

There's an interesting interview with Woody Harrelson in today’ Sunday Times.  In it he talks about choosing to live in an environmentally conscious community in Maui which he describes as “we all get together for Thanksgiving and look after each other’s kids. It’s a real community, like one I’ve never been a part of in my … Continue reading You don’t just create communities

Come on in, the water’s lovely

I had a meeting with a chap from Digital and one of the gals from the support team this morning.  We got round to wondering why this particular lady was quite happy emailing and googling but hadn't ever bought anything online or downloaded music or set herself up on Facebook or Flickr. It reminded me that not … Continue reading Come on in, the water’s lovely