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Straight talking advice for Grads who want to be an Account Planner – part 2

Looking through my old blog posts recently, I came across this one from two years ago, dolling out some (very) straight talking advice for Graduates who fancied a career as an Account Planner. On reflection, I think I missed out a fairly important point, so I thought it might be worth a follow-up post: Start […]
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the lack of Lady Bloggers

Amelia over at Life Moves Pretty Fast as been writing about the lack of Lady Bloggers out there (not to mention Lady Conference Speakers and Lady Awards Judges), especially in the digital/tech arena. Amelia’s question is: are women just less good at managing and promoting their own “brand” so to speak so that they are […]
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if campaigns go Stealth, what are we going to blog about?

There’s been a lot of fuss this week on t’interweb about whether Ad X is a ripoff (or homage) to Ad Y and if Campaign Z is actually any good. But what are we all going to blog about when all this media fragmentation, CRM and digital malarky gets its act together and means that enormous […]
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