Why EDLP won’t last

The Grocers seem to have decided that Every Day Low Pricing is the way forward.  The logic being that having been bombarded with BOGOFs, 2-for-1s and the like, the modern shopper has got savvy and is looking for good old fashioned low prices. Which makes a lot of sense.  Except that it ignores the age … Continue reading Why EDLP won’t last

Asda rolls back the cliches for Yorkshire Day

So I’m guessing that Asda didn’t get a Yorkshire agency to write their Yorkshire Day ad in today’s Yorkshire Post newspaper… The copy reads: The flat caps, the whippets, the brass bands playing.  The smoking chimneys from real coal fires.  The cobbled streets.  The dry stone walls.  The unspoilt beauty of The Dales.  Chips wi’ … Continue reading Asda rolls back the cliches for Yorkshire Day