In search of missing stuff

I seem to have spent a large chunk of this week charging round the office hunting down missing books, scalpels, calculators etc.  Which has reminded me of the Allan Ahlberg poem ‘Scissors’, which I’ve adapted here for agency use: Scalpels don’t lose themselves, Melt away, or explode. Scalpels have not got Legs of their own … Continue reading In search of missing stuff

End of an agency

Those of you in the UK who work outside London might have seen the ad below earlier this month in The Drum – it was Poulters’ last ever ad.  I’ve blogged before about how sad it was to see one of the long standing Northern heavyweight agencies fall, but the majority of copy here (which … Continue reading End of an agency

The passing of Poulters

One of Yorkshire’s oldest agencies Poulters is apparently being closed by parent company Bezier. Although it looks like a handful of staff might reappear in Bezier’s new retail offering Coutts, for the majority there must be some very long faces in their Rose Wharf offices today. My current (enormous by regional standards) agency started life … Continue reading The passing of Poulters

There IS life outside the M25

Phil Hicks of Golley Slater Cardiff has written a lovely post on Scamp’s blog about what its like to work outside London.  Although its written from a Creative’s perspective, I wholeheartedly agree with him. On the downside, client budgets do tend to be five or six rather than seven figures and we do have some … Continue reading There IS life outside the M25

Here it goes again: oh where did you nick that ad?

The latest culprits in the ongoing ‘nick the creative from youtube and hope no-one notices’ saga has got to be whoever at JWT did the latest Berocca ads. The agency must have assumed that they were the only people in the world who had seen OK Go's fab video for here it goes again.  Just … Continue reading Here it goes again: oh where did you nick that ad?

Integration – your time has come (again)

I honestly think that big integrated agencies are coming round again (this obviously has absolutely nothing do with the fact that I work for one). Client's budgets and the size of their in-house teams are being squeezed and increasingly they're asking my lot to become an extension of the marketing team - even to the extent of … Continue reading Integration – your time has come (again)