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Give me a ‘B’

Soooooo, the Live Honda TV Ad aired last night.  Yes, it really was different, engaging and created loads of buzz. It a perfect fit with what Honda stands for as a brand. The only tiny, tiny thing is, twenty seconds in, all I could think was ‘isn’t that a 5 series BMW?’.  I know its […]
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What are we going to do? Buy Heat magazine!

Its been around for a while, but I love this ad by Quiet Storm.  It beautifully positions Heat magazine as the original and best gossip mag in a lovely gentle Smack the Pony type way that speaks directly to women who will stop at nothing to get their weekly gossip fix.

Here it goes again: oh where did you nick that ad?

The latest culprits in the ongoing ‘nick the creative from youtube and hope no-one notices’ saga has got to be whoever at JWT did the latest Berocca ads. The agency must have assumed that they were the only people in the world who had seen OK Go’s fab video for here it goes again.  Just […]
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“Matthew, where’s my feckin microwave?”

Genius.  Yes, I know cog and tipping point came first, but this is more fun.  

if campaigns go Stealth, what are we going to blog about?

There’s been a lot of fuss this week on t’interweb about whether Ad X is a ripoff (or homage) to Ad Y and if Campaign Z is actually any good. But what are we all going to blog about when all this media fragmentation, CRM and digital malarky gets its act together and means that enormous […]
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best advice

  I’ve had a couple of instances recently where I’ve had to tell a client that what they are proposing is mind numbingly, completely the wrong thing to do.  To explain that I’m giving them our best advice and that we wouldn’t do it if it was our money. But do they act on my advice?  In […]
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when great ads (sometimes) get killed by focus groups

Produced for the New England 2007 Hatch Awards by Arnold, this is a sobering example of why the average focus group stuck in a meeting room and forced to watch an animatic don’t necessarily produce the kind of feedback that leads to great creative. In fact, there’s a whole other rant here bemoaning the demise of holding groups […]
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