ten things everyone under 25 who works in agencies needs to know

1) We’re in the business of communication and persuasion, not putting-cool-stuff-on-screens (be they tv, pc or mobile).  Making sure that the right message reaches the right people is what matters.  Deciding which media is right for the job is vital – but the answer might just as easily be ‘supermarket car park experiential sampling’ as … Continue reading ten things everyone under 25 who works in agencies needs to know

When Inserts become Binserts

My Dad’s subscription copy of The Dalesman arrived on Saturday (circulation 36,428) .  It’s one of those magazines where you can pretty much guarantee that the majority of readers are over 50, like things like nice country drives that end up at nice pubs and think that everything was much better before this internet lark came … Continue reading When Inserts become Binserts

Putting my finger on an art direction trend

I’ve noticed a new trend in TV art direction recently – the Touchscreen Finger Effect.  Watch how we slide seamlessly from one product benefit to another!  That’s how cool and relevant to your tech-savvy life our brand and product is! Recent offenders include: Land Rover  Recover Energy with .. Watch the ad... Toyota Auris Thousands … Continue reading Putting my finger on an art direction trend

I am woman, hear me whisper

The new Diet Coke ad from Mother had its first official airing last night during The Brits. I can’t say that I exactly warmed to it – and I’m bang on target audience. Based on the ad, I’m led to believe that drinking Diet Coke will make you want to ride around on a bicycle … Continue reading I am woman, hear me whisper


This week’s issue of The Publican (‘Proud of Pubs’) carries a Food Report supplement, sponsored by Nestle Professional, the foodservice arm of Nestle that represents Maggi , Nescafe and lots of well known confectionary brands like KitKat. It looks like the sponsor also got a couple of pages of ads as part of the deal.  … Continue reading Ooops

On the first day of Christmas, my agency plagiarised for me…

The Argos Christmas Ad is here.  Scamp loved it – and then the rest of the world pointed out that it was pretty much a direct rip off of the Rowan Atkinson scene from Love Actually. Now I like a good RomCom as much as the next girl but this ad seems to be taking the old … Continue reading On the first day of Christmas, my agency plagiarised for me…

The name’s HD, Sony HD

I do like this Sony HD Quantum of Solace ad – its just that something has been niggling me since I first saw it.  When they’ve finished trying to blow up the lovely Daniel Craig, the screen shows this: And then this: And finally this: In theatres October 31st.  Not on a Sony HD TV … Continue reading The name’s HD, Sony HD