On the first day of Christmas, my agency plagiarised for me…

The Argos Christmas Ad is here.  Scamp loved it – and then the rest of the world pointed out that it was pretty much a direct rip off of the Rowan Atkinson scene from Love Actually. Now I like a good RomCom as much as the next girl but this ad seems to be taking the old … Continue reading On the first day of Christmas, my agency plagiarised for me…

The name’s HD, Sony HD

I do like this Sony HD Quantum of Solace ad – its just that something has been niggling me since I first saw it.  When they’ve finished trying to blow up the lovely Daniel Craig, the screen shows this: And then this: And finally this: In theatres October 31st.  Not on a Sony HD TV … Continue reading The name’s HD, Sony HD

The Bunnies have arrived

The Sony Bravia ad apparently breaks tomorrow (Friday) during Ugly Betty, but its already up on the Bravia website (takes a while to load at the moment). I specially like the bits where the pink bunny squeezes out of a drainpipe and the little yellow bunny is waiting to cross the road. It feels warmer and … Continue reading The Bunnies have arrived

Time for some brand new creative?

I noticed that Nationwide have moved their 'jobsworth employee' ("brand new customers only") campaign into press. The thing is, I'm starting to associate Nationwide rather than their competitors with poor customer service and inflexible offers.  Which probably means that what was once a great way of demonstrating difference has now become so ubiquitous that the … Continue reading Time for some brand new creative?