Activia and the awful ads

I'v always been unimpressed by yogurt advertising generally and Activia's advertising in particular. But I hate their latest ad campaign (which googling suggests was by RKCR/Y&R) with a shouting-at-the-TV passion: That's the 'New Year' execution. On air at the moment (but not on youtube) is an even worse seasonally-unspecific happy women eating yogurt execution. The whole … Continue reading Activia and the awful ads

In other news, TLC actually IS all around

Shortly after Christmas,  Martine McCutcheon started popping up in the ad breaks on behalf of Activia, a rather disappointing tasting yoghurt of weird consistency (I’ve tried it) that apparently aims to ‘reduce digestive discomfort’, thus stopping you feeling bloated. Martine would like us all to make a fresh start to 2010 and give ourselves some … Continue reading In other news, TLC actually IS all around