Sometimes, Lego just isn’t the answer

A story turned up in my LinkedIn feed today about a workshop facilitator (working for or on behalf of PriceWaterhouseCoopers) who chose to kick off a two-hour workshop focused on ‘creating more resilient communities’ for Walsall Council’s councillors with a Lego-based warmup exercise. The reaction seems to be split into two camps, with the Councillors … Continue reading Sometimes, Lego just isn’t the answer

the perfect workshop venue?

I spent yesterday morning in the very picturesque surroundings of Carlshead Farm near Wetherby with Learning to Listen, a leadership, teambuilding and coaching organisation. I was there for an open morning/taster session, checking out their approach to see if it might suit my sort of clients. The fact that Learning to Listen do a lot … Continue reading the perfect workshop venue?