Adventures in people (and scenery) watching

I’ve got a real soft spot for train travel.  A few hours of staring at the scenery flashing by is guaranteed to put me back on an even keel.  Especially if the view is courtesy of Cross Country or East Coast trains (used to be GNER) just south of Edinburgh where East Coast means exactly that: … Continue reading Adventures in people (and scenery) watching

Are you playing the game without knowing what the prize is?

Northern Planner posted today about work-life conflict.  Can you be brilliant and awesome at something work-related while still having an actual life outside work?  As he reasons in his post, ‘you can't do interesting work if you don't do interesting things’ (which to me is the whole point of the Interesting Un-Conferences). A high profile … Continue reading Are you playing the game without knowing what the prize is?

Does your work life have an OFF switch?

Since I got into this whole working-for-myself lark, the line between work and leisure has got rather blurred. I now have the flexibility to, say, take Friday off to go and watch a horse show, then catch up with my invoicing on Saturday evening.  The thing that worries me is that when I send out … Continue reading Does your work life have an OFF switch?

work/work balance

I’ve been thinking recently about balance.  My normal stance on this subject is about trying not to compromise too much in life generally and very big on achieving work/life balance (which I’ve blogged about before here and here).  I now find myself wondering how you can find balance in your job itself (whether or not you … Continue reading work/work balance