Christmas 2016 trendwatching

Last May, a couple of days work unexpectedly dropped out so instead I researched and wrote something on Christmas 2016 trends, thinking it might come in handy for my work with agency retail clients. Since Christmas 2016 planning is now a distant memory for agencies (last month I was working on shopper marketing for Father's Day 2017) I thought I'd share … Continue reading Christmas 2016 trendwatching

who will be the next BHS?

With the news that BHS is set to close it's final store on 20th August,  I've been wondering who will be the next BHS - a  business that dies because everyone knows their name, but no-one actually buys anything from them anymore. yep, this London branch was trading with signage from two rebrands ago I get the feeling that Marks & Spencer … Continue reading who will be the next BHS?

are hairdressers the key to measuring the pulse of the nation?

Sitting in the hairdressers the other evening I was reminded that people tell hairdressers things that they'd never tell a market researcher.  My hairdresser confirmed that his long-term clients tend to be more racist/ sexist/ homophobic/ politically extreme in his chair than is socially acceptable - it's a 'safe space' where they say what they are really … Continue reading are hairdressers the key to measuring the pulse of the nation?

why is Northern AgencyLand flying Down Under?

To fanfare, a Leeds agency officially opened their Sydney office last week. Another Leeds agency has had an office in Sydney for a while and according to my sources a third is thinking about it. Meanwhile, nearly every agency bod I meet seems to know someone who has moved down under in the last 18 … Continue reading why is Northern AgencyLand flying Down Under?

considering competence

I stumbled across this great piece about the stages of competence. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that it was on the DressageToday website, but the message is relevant across, basically, everything – rather than be frustrated by your perceived incompetence at something new, you should embrace it as part of the learning … Continue reading considering competence

twitter shaming lazy retail

I've been following #KeepingChristmasGoing on twitter over the last couple of weeks, which shames retailers that can't quite let go of their festive PoS, store managers determined to shift that last box of baubles and brands who over-estimated the sell-through on their festively themed packaging. Someone at Tesco forgot to take this down Asda must have over-estimated … Continue reading twitter shaming lazy retail

the return of formal dressing

I'm calling it - Power Dressing is back. Actors now rock up to film premieres looking like they've stopped off on the way to present results to the City. There's the film Kingsman with it's focus on dressing like a gentleman and the Kingsman-Mr Porter tie-up I wrote about recently. And on the female front, yesterday's Sunday Times … Continue reading the return of formal dressing

Kingsman, Mr Porter and the increasingly blurred line between retail and entertainment

'Retailtainment' - making customer's retail experiences engaging and entertaining in order to increase dwell time, purchase intent, brand affinity and loyalty - is a concept that's been around for years.  But it used to be focused on making physical retail environments more entertaining.  Gradually its shifted into online too but yesterday I stumbled across a great … Continue reading Kingsman, Mr Porter and the increasingly blurred line between retail and entertainment