the perfect workshop venue?

I spent yesterday morning in the very picturesque surroundings of Carlshead Farm near Wetherby with Learning to Listen, a leadership, teambuilding and coaching organisation. I was there for an open morning/taster session, checking out their approach to see if it might suit my sort of clients. The fact that Learning to Listen do a lot … Continue reading the perfect workshop venue?

maximum marks for moderating manual

After putting out a call for some reading recommendations in July, I got some great suggestions and am still wading through them.   But the stand out winner has to be Sarah’s recommendation of Moderating to the Max: A Full-tilt Guide to Creative, Insightful Focus Groups and Depth Interviews. For qualitative research types who want to … Continue reading maximum marks for moderating manual

FAO agency MDs – you’re running a business, not an agency

There has been a depressing wave of news of agencies in trouble round my way over the last couple of weeks, which reminded of this post I wrote about how the people who run an agency actually need to know how to run a business. I’m not suggesting that every agency that fails does so … Continue reading FAO agency MDs – you’re running a business, not an agency