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Asda eyes up branded content

There are a heck of a lot of How To videos on youtube, many of them now effectively branded content piggybacking a youtuber vlogger’s audience a la Asda’s Mum’s Eye View. Mum’s Eye View is rather a success story, gaining over 56,000 subscribers and over two million views in the six months since launch. Although […]
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is the Inception of the end of entertainment that comes in boxes?

I’ve been sitting alongside an agency digital team recently and one of them piped up yesterday that they thought £5.99 was a bit steep for Warner Bros’ Inception iPhone app, even if it was ‘fully-loaded, connected viewing experience’. The guys were a bit concerned that with a film like Inception you’d miss all the special effects […]
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why for some 70 somethings, digital exclusion isn’t fixable

At last week’s SupNorth we were talking about choosing the appropriate digital platform to communicate with your target audience (aka ‘the answer isn’t always an iphone app’). But I raised the thought that trying to use digital channels at all for some audiences is still inappropriate.  I’ve posted before about my 70-something technophobe Dad who […]
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The storing of stuff

I’ve blogged before about how we just can’t fit everything in out brains anymore – you can access far more knowledge if you remember how / where to find it rather than the information itself. But the problem comes in deciding exactly where we should store all this information (or at least bookmarks that will […]
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back to basics on the phone front

Via trendwatching’s February briefing comes ‘functionall’ – ‘the phenomenon of simple, small and/or cheap products and services designed for low(er)-income consumers in emerging markets, with cross-over appeal to consumers in mature consumer societies’. Trendwatching recon that goods and services especially designed for emerging markets often incorporate one or more of the following characteristics: – Smaller […]
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The weather outside (was) frightful

I’ve perhaps been guilty of overdoing the ‘oh-my-god-its-still-snowing’ posts on the blog recently (the white stuff lasted 4 ½ weeks in the end) and I can’t imagine that anyone outside the snow-bound UK would have found them particularly interesting. But what I have found invaluable as I’ve tried to make the decision in recent weeks […]
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2020 Vision – thoughts from me and some nice people

Remember I was doing a big presentation pro bono for Traidcraft, the UK’s leading fair trade organisation?  It was to help the Traidcraft board with their 10 year vision and 3 year strategic plan and the rough title was the customer environment – thinking ten years ahead. I put out an SOS for some help […]
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tone of everyday

Just gorgeous.  Fan-crowdsourced webcamed music video from Japanese band Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday).  Via crackunit.

Fangs for the distraction

I came across a great phrase the other day – Time Vampires.  Which seems to be commonly defined as distractions or events that take you away from your working day. So hello, Twitter.  And hi there to facebook and just about every other social networking site and blogging platform.  It’s very tempting when inspiration is […]
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Turns out that the Economist was also a Futurologist

Having spent more time wading through his book, it turns out that Robert Beckman (of The Downwave and Into the Upwave fame) was ahead of his time on the technology as well as the economics front: All individual knowledge will become more and more a question of knowing where to look for information…by the year […]
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