maximum marks for moderating manual

After putting out a call for some reading recommendations in July, I got some great suggestions and am still wading through them.   But the stand out winner has to be Sarah’s recommendation of Moderating to the Max: A Full-tilt Guide to Creative, Insightful Focus Groups and Depth Interviews. For qualitative research types who want to … Continue reading maximum marks for moderating manual

Turns out that the Economist was also a Futurologist

Having spent more time wading through his book, it turns out that Robert Beckman (of The Downwave and Into the Upwave fame) was ahead of his time on the technology as well as the economics front: All individual knowledge will become more and more a question of knowing where to look for the year … Continue reading Turns out that the Economist was also a Futurologist

The Downwave Revisited

    I found an old copy of ‘Into the Upwave’ by Robert Beckman at home (loving the author pic).  It was published in 1988 but some of it is so relevant right now that they might as well save money on economists and read the first few chapters out loud on the Ten O’Clock News … Continue reading The Downwave Revisited