We have to get better at work/life balance – and pitches aren’t helping

Work/life balance is very important to me – I'm a part-timer for various reasons, but I also definitely do better strategic work when I’m more rested, less stressed and generally feeling in control of my life. Almost anyone who has worked in a decent sized agency will have experienced emails on Sundays, late nights at … Continue reading We have to get better at work/life balance – and pitches aren’t helping

do clients get the creative they deserve?

I worked on a pitch last Spring that I was really pleased with.  I like pitching, it's like Old School Planning but with the whole process set to fast-forward and this particular pitch prep went pretty much swimmingly with a talented team producing IMHO what was a very strong pitch. The research was robust, the … Continue reading do clients get the creative they deserve?

in praise of pitching

You may have already deduced from the lack of posts from me recently that I’ve just surfaced from spending a month immersed in a major pitch (*crosses fingers, waits for phone call*). unpublished creative work-in-progress for The Pitch by Empire Design taken from AMC's website Does your agency pitch, or do you make a point … Continue reading in praise of pitching

Whatever happened to Pitch Season?

In the world of agency New Business, you used to know where you were by simply looking at the calendar.  Pitch Season ran according to the academic year, with a particular spike in activity between September and the end of November. I’ve been working in and around agencies for twelve years now and one of … Continue reading Whatever happened to Pitch Season?

The Laws of the Pitch Room

Even though I’m freelance I still take part in quite a few proper pitches.  I mean the full-blown strategy + creative + logistics + budget presentations in front of senior clients where they decide based on a ninety minute presentation whether or not to spend a million pounds plus with the agency. Comparing these agency … Continue reading The Laws of the Pitch Room

is it a Conflict or a Specialism?

AgencyLand has always struggled to know what to do when they’d really like to work with two businesses in the same category.  Do they decide that they’re cars or house building specialists and work with lots of brands in that sector – or do they decide that would be a conflict and only work with … Continue reading is it a Conflict or a Specialism?

Less words, more (and better) images

I’ve been witness to some truly terrible Crimes Against Powerpoint in the last couple of months, mostly when one of my agency clients send me old qual research reports as background to projects. I still can’t believe quite how appalling some of them are, from the over-use of dodgy clipart and cheesy stock photography (blurry … Continue reading Less words, more (and better) images

When does Research cross the line and become Pitch Fodder?

I was talking to a client recently about a one-off focus group they wanted me to moderate to support a pitch and possibly went slightly overboard emphasising how I wasn’t prepared to simply produce pitch fodder and therefore wouldn’t tolerate agency people sitting in observing the group, being ‘encouraged’ as to what the research recommendations … Continue reading When does Research cross the line and become Pitch Fodder?