taxis get a pizza the action

At the end of a night out over the bank holiday I called my favourite taxi company Amber Cars to take me home.  They’re my favourite as they have a fancy computer system that sends you a text to say your taxi is waiting outside (so no hanging around outside the bar trying to avoid … Continue reading taxis get a pizza the action

if it was my money…

‘If it was my money I’d…’ has to be one of my most over-used client-meeting phrases.  But there’s a good reason why - especially when you’re dealing with Outside London sized marketing budgets it’s easy for clients to try to be all things to all media channels, and master of none. I’d always advocate for … Continue reading if it was my money…

a few New Year’s Resolutions for the ad industry

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  Mainly because then I can’t be depressed by (however inadvertently) breaking them.  But I thought that maybe the advertising/marketing/communications industry could do with making a few resolutions for 2011.  Might I suggest: - Stop insisting Digital is some kind of holy grail, first stop, catch all solution and start … Continue reading a few New Year’s Resolutions for the ad industry

An ode to list writing – and why FMCG ad men should take note

If I ever get asked to speak at anything like an Interesting un-conference again and have to talk about another of my secret obsessions, I think I’d choose Lists. I love lists and I love list making.  The mere act of writing everything down on a piece of paper makes me feel calmer and more … Continue reading An ode to list writing – and why FMCG ad men should take note


I’ve been thinking a lot about how agencies are organised and subsequently reorganised  recently and about how their systems work (or in some cases, don’t).  Looking back at the agencies I’ve worked for, I’ve seen a LOT of different approaches to the organising and running of an Integrated Northern Marketing Agency and none of them … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Harder, better, faster, stronger

by gaptone on flickr Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is my predication for what AgencyLife is going to be like – no, HAS to be like - if the industry is to adapt to the realities of life in 2010. Harder After 2009’s redundancies and cost cutting, there will be less people around to do more … Continue reading Harder, better, faster, stronger

the New Normal – measuring how far client’s bravery (and budget) will stretch

Firstly, apologies for the lack of activity here in the last week or two, the result of being manically busy at work combined with a horse-so-lame-it-has-to-go-to-the-horse-hospital crisis. Anyway. I’ve been thinking a lot about what is the New Normal, by which I mean what has shifted as a resulted of the downturn economy, but isn’t … Continue reading the New Normal – measuring how far client’s bravery (and budget) will stretch

public service by committee

This has been winding me up on my way in to work for weeks. First Bus in Leeds promises a regular service on their special UniLink service, every 10 mins. Well actually, that’s not true.  It’s really up to every 10 mins most of the day I'm willing to bet this was a classic case of … Continue reading public service by committee

The Good Shopping Show

I popped down the motorway to the Good Food Show in Birmingham on Wednesday on a bit of a spying mission to see which brands were putting serious money into the event. The surprising thing was how few of the big brands had turned up.  Nescafe Collections had some great experiential activity going on (and … Continue reading The Good Shopping Show