Interesting 2011 and Interesting North ticket info

The lovely Russell has changed the format a bit for this year’s Interesting (London) on June 18th.  It’s going to be more about Doing Stuff than Listening.  There will be a few less tickets so get yours quick (and they inevitably cost a bit more, what with all the Stuff you need in order to … Continue reading Interesting 2011 and Interesting North ticket info

Interesting North – the report

So I was at un-conference Interesting North in Sheffield yesterday. It was fab.  The premise of the Interesting conferences (normally held in London and organised by Russell Davies, but transplanted to the North by Tim Duckett) is about ‘a day of brilliant people talking about their secret obsessions’.  Basically, it’s about Brain Food that you … Continue reading Interesting North – the report

Interesting North

Just a reminder (since its nearly payday) to get your tickets for InterestingNorth. They've just released some half price student tickets which are going fast. Sheffield is really quite handily located - less than two hours drive from Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham and Birmingham and you can currently get a return train ticket from That There London for … Continue reading Interesting North

Interesting North

Inspired by the brilliant London Interesting un-conferences, Interesting North is ‘a one-day conference covering a stunning variety of interesting, unexpected, original things’. @IntNorth is going to be held on Saturday 13th November in Sheffield and I’m one of the speakers.  I’m going to be talking about riding side saddle (so expect lots of pics of … Continue reading Interesting North