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on content creation and consumption

I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about content creation recently. This great article from GQ (via @storythings) covers the disruption at both ends of the film and TV industry – there are umpteen platforms offering original content now, including YouTube Red, Crackle, Apple Music, Netflix, Facebook’s recent push into original content and in the […]
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Asda eyes up branded content

There are a heck of a lot of How To videos on youtube, many of them now effectively branded content piggybacking a youtuber vlogger’s audience a la Asda’s Mum’s Eye View. Mum’s Eye View is rather a success story, gaining over 56,000 subscribers and over two million views in the six months since launch. Although […]
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Le Tour – didn’t anyone think to remind spectators how to stay safe?

Like pretty much every resident of Yorkshire, I was out over last weekend watching the Tour de France/Yorkshire whizz past.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close to the race with very little effort, which my fellow Yorkshiremen took up with gusto. The turnout was amazing, the sun shone, the race and preceding […]
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what happens to Planning when Insight belongs to the maths geeks?

I was in an agency internal client team meeting recently, talking about some stuff I’d been working on, when someone else in the room piped up with “and the Insight Team have come up with this document that…”.  I was taken aback for a moment – after all, traditionally Planning and Insight are normally pretty […]
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it’s about more than just the numbers

A warning tale for anyone whose job includes data analysis, via the lovely @AlWightman

you aren’t marketing to your mates

I was debriefing some work on Shopper Missions recently and there was a certain amount of disbelief in the room regarding some approaches to parenting I found that tied into a key Occasion customers were shopping for. I had to remind everyone present that the customers we were talking about were not necessarily the same […]
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we’re going to need considerably more Investigators of Interesting

In last week’s Radio Times (which is nearly as good as The Sun for a pulse of the nation type snapshot) Radio 4’s Today presenter Justin Webb wrote in his column about how his children will have a limited need to know actual facts, what with the world’s knowledge being there at their digital fingertips. […]
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if owned online spaces are a house party, most brands should be out on the town

I had an, erm, lively conversation with a client recently when they suggested connecting with their target audience by “doing something with our facebook page”.  Since I’d just spent the preceding ninety minutes telling them that the majority of their customers really wern’t that bothered about or engaged with their brand and mostly bought it mainly […]
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Weetabix Big Day insight hits the spot

I rather like the new Weetabix ad (apparently BBH’s first work for the brand). Not because it is hysterically funny or ground-breakingly creative, I just think the insight is spot on. For the last couple of years I’ve always turned to a bowl of Weetabix when I’ve got a big day ahead of me or […]
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