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why spend on experiential when you’re so far removed from the purchase experience?

These days, I can’t whiz round the shops in Leeds without maneuvering past a couple of experiential marking events / brand experiences. The stands/lorries/huts/inflatable domes are often full of shoppers happily enjoying free food/massages/entertainment or whatever but despite the amount of general Sales Promotion / Promotional Marketing / Shopper Marketing I’ve done for brands in the […]
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Asda eyes up branded content

There are a heck of a lot of How To videos on youtube, many of them now effectively branded content piggybacking a youtuber vlogger’s audience a la Asda’s Mum’s Eye View. Mum’s Eye View is rather a success story, gaining over 56,000 subscribers and over two million views in the six months since launch. Although […]
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