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why spend on experiential when you’re so far removed from the purchase experience?

These days, I can’t whiz round the shops in Leeds without maneuvering past a couple of experiential marking events / brand experiences. The stands/lorries/huts/inflatable domes are often full of shoppers happily enjoying free food/massages/entertainment or whatever but despite the amount of general Sales Promotion / Promotional Marketing / Shopper Marketing I’ve done for brands in the […]
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what exactly IS a ‘good’ ad?

A few things recently have made me question exactly what qualifies as a ‘good’ ad.  Is it one that the client likes?  The best job the production company / director / creative team could do?  How about award winning?  Well reviewed?  That got the client and/or AD promoted?  That kept the client’s account with the […]
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it’s about more than just the numbers

A warning tale for anyone whose job includes data analysis, via the lovely @AlWightman

why Donkey Football is great nudge marketing

I’ve found a brilliant example of nudge marketing – and a Planner (much less a Behavioural Insights team) hasn’t been near it. The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust‘s mission is to help keep working horses and donkeys in the area healthy – and a healthy working animal can increase its owners income by up to […]
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are we in danger of overcomplicating the creative?

In the last few weeks I’ve been saying a lot of stuff like “well, what I think the brand was trying to say was…” to research respondents and piping up in creative reviews with “do you think we might be overcomplicating things a bit?” equally frequently. In the quest to engage, to have the new […]
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it turns out I give good spreadsheet after all

I’ve been working with a new client for a few months that, by virtue of their business model, have to be very focused on a few KPIs. They do a lot of digital activity and are also pretty hot on tracking where other incoming leads are coming from, so you can tweak an element of […]
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PM or SP, it’s all about quality

I’ve started wading through the transcripts of last week’s focus groups*.   The groups were for a food brand and when I asked respondents about promotions and in store sampling one lady piped up: My friend does it.  Yeah she promotes things like that, she did cheese last time.  I got quite a few cheese vouchers. […]
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You say ethnographic, I say effectiveness

I had a really interesting chat last night with a friend who is an academic researcher.  She’s got funding for a very cushy ethnographic research project and I couldn’t help noticing the differences between her world and mine: 1) She suggested her own topic (within her specialist area) that she knew she’d find interesting and that […]
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Are you saving them money?

We are officially in recession, the economy is nose diving and there’s no question that clients have got less money to spend.  Unless you happen to work in Digital (where every agency I know is still turning work away because they’re too busy), it’s looking a bit bleak. I’ve already written about how as Planners […]
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