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Am I working for a Digital/Content/Online/Social agency today? A freelancer’s guide

Sometimes agency positioning statements can be a little hard to interpret, for example ‘supplying indigenous solutions to brand problems’ doesn’t really tell you what goes out of the door. So based on my experience, here’s a handy checklist for freelancers who suspect they are, in fact, working for some kind of digital agency: – There […]
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don’t forget that it isn’t all about Digital

Whenever you open a marketing magazine or head over to a marketing website these days you’re inevitably greeted by an article about the Internet of Things or Digital Content. Since 44% of UK the £14.7 billion UK media spend in 2013 went on ‘Internet’ (including PPC, display and content) the focus on all things shiny […]
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it’s about more than just the numbers

A warning tale for anyone whose job includes data analysis, via the lovely @AlWightman

since when did clicking ‘like’ become the price of beginning a conversation?

I got a press release from Lemsip’s digital agency the other day, rather belatedly letting me know about their ‘It’s a Man’s Flu’ facebook campaign.  I dutifully headed over there to have a look…but you couldn’t have a play with it unless you ‘liked’ the page first It’s not just Lemsip, they’re all at it.  […]
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the *other* facebook marketplace

My facebook newsfeed has recently turned into a virtual version of exchange & mart (or even, say, ebay). It seems that some people are more comfortable buying and selling with friends-of-friends than from random strangers who have positive feedback from other random people (cough, ebay).  So my network are merrily flogging second hand cars and […]
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if owned online spaces are a house party, most brands should be out on the town

I had an, erm, lively conversation with a client recently when they suggested connecting with their target audience by “doing something with our facebook page”.  Since I’d just spent the preceding ninety minutes telling them that the majority of their customers really wern’t that bothered about or engaged with their brand and mostly bought it mainly […]
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with social media lowering the bar, are some businesses doing themselves more harm than good?

There are an awful lot of businesses and brands out there doing the whole Social Media thing rather badly. Getting Marketing Wrong isn’t a new phenomenon, I only have to look at the dross which drops though my letterbox from Indian takeaways, landscape gardeners and cleaning services to see that there are a lot of […]
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taxis get a pizza the action

At the end of a night out over the bank holiday I called my favourite taxi company Amber Cars to take me home.  They’re my favourite as they have a fancy computer system that sends you a text to say your taxi is waiting outside (so no hanging around outside the bar trying to avoid […]
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online is all about when and in what context people experience

One of the things I’m increasingly finding online is that I’m experiencing stuff that was produced at different times but collides in the same timeframe for me. Like this video for google mobile (via AdAge and I’m warning you its nine minutes longer than the joke is funny), explaining how cool it is that you […]
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The outlook for Christmas 2010 is digital

The predicted top ten best-selling toys for Christmas 2010 have been announced – and they’re all basically digital (whatever happened to creative play?).  The maddest of them all is Barbie Video Girl, who has a video camera lens in her necklace and playback screen embedded in her back: It looks like we’re going to have […]
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