when the world moves on but you don’t it’s time for a sub brand

Whenever I’ve been out with friends recently, the conversation has tended to revolve around subjects a bit outside my personal experience, like primary school places and Baby Ballet.  Yes, 90% of my friends now come complete with small children – they’ve moved into the next stage of their lives.  In contrast I haven’t got kids … Continue reading when the world moves on but you don’t it’s time for a sub brand

why the instore environment is still the same marketing brief

I’ve been working on a lot of retail projects recently.  So I’ve inevitably been in a lot of shops.  And it keeps striking me that as agencies we devote so much time, effort and creativity to trying to get people through store’s doors – and not nearly as much on persuading them to buy something … Continue reading why the instore environment is still the same marketing brief

Is inspiration migrating?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about shopper behaviour recently and the word ‘inspiration’ keeps cropping up. The average supermarket now heaves with point of sale promoting inspiring family dinner recipes, packed lunch inspiration and pleas to ‘try something new today’.  Even my inbox overflows with emails from fashion retailers full of ‘wardrobe inspiration’ and … Continue reading Is inspiration migrating?

Why EDLP won’t last

The Grocers seem to have decided that Every Day Low Pricing is the way forward.  The logic being that having been bombarded with BOGOFs, 2-for-1s and the like, the modern shopper has got savvy and is looking for good old fashioned low prices. Which makes a lot of sense.  Except that it ignores the age … Continue reading Why EDLP won’t last

Dear Quantas: I think you might need a new ad agency

Yesterday’s Sunday Times magazine carried the Quantas ad below (click to enlarge): Yes, someone, somewhere did think that the line “there’s nothing like flying to Australia on the Quantas A380” was going to pull the punters in. Oh, wait.  It was a quote from John Travolta, their Goodwill Ambassador.  And look!  There’s a picture of … Continue reading Dear Quantas: I think you might need a new ad agency

suggestions why Pepsi Raw is no more

So super-premium cola Pepsi Raw is no more. I can’t say I’m surprised.  Having worked on a number of soft drinks brands in the on premise and wider foodservice environment (including twice for Britvic, Pepsi’s UK bottler), carbonates have always been difficult to market, especially in the on-trade. For a start, as a general rule … Continue reading suggestions why Pepsi Raw is no more

customer service vs. customer acquisition

I’ve had a bit of a bad run with technology recently.  In the last couple of months, the following have gone wrong on me: two mobiles, PC, laptop, 3G dongle thingy, TomTom satnav, Bluetooth dongle, printer and broadband. Trying to get all these technology issues resolved has been a real eye-opener around customer service and … Continue reading customer service vs. customer acquisition

Come fly with me, not my ad campaign

I’ve been ruining my carbon footprint by taking quite a few internal flights down to the South West for client meetings over the last six months.  One morning, I was stood in the security queue at Stupid O’Clock with the rest of the account team (all in our 20s and 30s) when a uniformed Virgin … Continue reading Come fly with me, not my ad campaign

smoothies bearing festive gifts

I’ve had something nice arrive in the post from Innocent, the smoothie people, every Christmas since I signed up for their email newsletter in 2003ish. In 2005 they sent me a tiny Christmas tree in the post (maybe 4 inches long). This year it has finally reached a height suitable for planting out in the … Continue reading smoothies bearing festive gifts