Facilitating Workshops – what I wish I’d known

I’ve been facilitating brand workshops for at least 14 years and have done about 65 by now. Although I was lucky enough to receive professional training in facilitation when I started, the more practical and political side of things I’ve had to pick up as I went along. So, to save someone else the learning … Continue reading Facilitating Workshops – what I wish I’d known

the perfect workshop venue?

I spent yesterday morning in the very picturesque surroundings of Carlshead Farm near Wetherby with Learning to Listen, a leadership, teambuilding and coaching organisation. I was there for an open morning/taster session, checking out their approach to see if it might suit my sort of clients. The fact that Learning to Listen do a lot … Continue reading the perfect workshop venue?

A few pointers for workshop participants

Reflecting on workshops I’ve run or attended in the last few months, it appears that as well as the usual ‘mobiles off’ and ‘green light thinking’ reminders, we need to add some more pointers for workshop participants: No Crackberrying during workshops. Ever. Its is not OK to sit quietly all day and only pipe up … Continue reading A few pointers for workshop participants