Marketing, your #TimesUp

The advertising industry last week joined the #TimesUp movement with #TimesUpAdvertising. I'd respectfully suggest that it should read #TimesUpMarketingAgenciesAndTheirClients. Over the last 19 years (!) I've worked for four different marketing agencies and freelanced for many more and I've ended up with a love-hate relationship with the marketing industry. I love the speed at which … Continue reading Marketing, your #TimesUp

Activia and the awful ads

I'v always been unimpressed by yogurt advertising generally and Activia's advertising in particular. But I hate their latest ad campaign (which googling suggests was by RKCR/Y&R) with a shouting-at-the-TV passion: That's the 'New Year' execution. On air at the moment (but not on youtube) is an even worse seasonally-unspecific happy women eating yogurt execution. The whole … Continue reading Activia and the awful ads

don’t forget that it isn’t all about Digital

Whenever you open a marketing magazine or head over to a marketing website these days you’re inevitably greeted by an article about the Internet of Things or Digital Content. Since 44% of UK the £14.7 billion UK media spend in 2013 went on ‘Internet’ (including PPC, display and content) the focus on all things shiny … Continue reading don’t forget that it isn’t all about Digital

lovely work from Krow for Pets at Home

Krow recently launched a lovely campaign for Pets at Home aimed at upping their warm brand fuzzies KPIs.  The real-life clips seen in the ad below were all crowd sourced through social media and the campaign activity runs across TV, online and instore.  It makes me want to a) rush out and buy a puppy … Continue reading lovely work from Krow for Pets at Home

a view on UKIP’s posters

There’s been a bit of a hoo-ha in the press today about UKIP’s new outdoor campaign, some executions of which, it’s been suggested, could be interpreted as racist. Rather than paid for by UKIP itself, the media and creative has been funded by Yorkshire entrepreneur and long-term Euro-sceptic Paul Sykes. But is the campaign racist? … Continue reading a view on UKIP’s posters

documentaries – is all publicity really good publicity?

I've always struggled to understand why business owners feel that their reputation will be somehow enhanced by becoming the focus of a fly-on-the-wall documentary. BBC2's Life in the Freezer Cabinet did nothing for Iceland's positioning and made CEO Malcolm Walker look like an idiot.  Which according to a mutual friend is a misrepresentation. the Chief … Continue reading documentaries – is all publicity really good publicity?

what exactly IS a ‘good’ ad?

A few things recently have made me question exactly what qualifies as a ‘good’ ad.  Is it one that the client likes?  The best job the production company / director / creative team could do?  How about award winning?  Well reviewed?  That got the client and/or AD promoted?  That kept the client’s account with the … Continue reading what exactly IS a ‘good’ ad?