the benefits of slow research

A little while ago I was invited to the launch event of boutique research agency Qual Street's 'Year in the life' project. This was a year-long proactive piece of qualitative work where they spent lots of time with nine mums across London and Yorkshire who identified themselves as just about managing financially (JAM). With the … Continue reading the benefits of slow research

Want better diversity? Embrace the Power Part-Timers

I've blogged before about how marketing agencies are very light on diversity, particularly in senior positions. I've also blogged about why agencies should be embracing #PowerPartTimers. But the two rants are connected. An agency-standard 50 hour week plus nightmare commute simply isn't do-able for many Mums, for the carers of elderly parents or for the … Continue reading Want better diversity? Embrace the Power Part-Timers

Marketing, your #TimesUp

The advertising industry last week joined the #TimesUp movement with #TimesUpAdvertising. I'd respectfully suggest that it should read #TimesUpMarketingAgenciesAndTheirClients. Over the last 19 years (!) I've worked for four different marketing agencies and freelanced for many more and I've ended up with a love-hate relationship with the marketing industry. I love the speed at which … Continue reading Marketing, your #TimesUp

on content creation and consumption

I've been thinking and reading a lot about content creation recently. This great article from GQ (via @storythings) covers the disruption at both ends of the film and TV industry - there are umpteen platforms offering original content now, including YouTube Red, Crackle, Apple Music, Netflix, Facebook's recent push into original content and in the … Continue reading on content creation and consumption