for agencies, small is increasingly beautiful (and friendly)

Professionally speaking, 2018 was not the best year and it left me of the opinion that agency employment is no more secure than freelancing. So I'm back as a hand for hire and quite a bit has changed during the two and a bit years I was Head of Whatever-we're-calling-it-this-week. The most noticeable is the … Continue reading for agencies, small is increasingly beautiful (and friendly)

the benefits of slow research

A little while ago I was invited to the launch event of boutique research agency Qual Street's 'Year in the life' project. This was a year-long proactive piece of qualitative work where they spent lots of time with nine mums across London and Yorkshire who identified themselves as just about managing financially (JAM). With the … Continue reading the benefits of slow research

Want better diversity? Embrace the Power Part-Timers

I've blogged before about how marketing agencies are very light on diversity, particularly in senior positions. I've also blogged about why agencies should be embracing #PowerPartTimers. But the two rants are connected. An agency-standard 50 hour week plus nightmare commute simply isn't do-able for many Mums, for the carers of elderly parents or for the … Continue reading Want better diversity? Embrace the Power Part-Timers

Marketing, your #TimesUp

The advertising industry last week joined the #TimesUp movement with #TimesUpAdvertising. I'd respectfully suggest that it should read #TimesUpMarketingAgenciesAndTheirClients. Over the last 19 years (!) I've worked for four different marketing agencies and freelanced for many more and I've ended up with a love-hate relationship with the marketing industry. I love the speed at which … Continue reading Marketing, your #TimesUp