Am I working for a Digital/Content/Online/Social agency today? A freelancer’s guide

Sometimes agency positioning statements can be a little hard to interpret, for example ‘supplying indigenous solutions to brand problems’ doesn’t really tell you what goes out of the door. So based on my experience, here’s a handy checklist for freelancers who suspect they are, in fact, working for some kind of digital agency:

– There is a large open plan office with a phone on every desk, but none of the phones ever ring.

– Office furnishings include bean bags, table football, loads of whiteboards and a couple of dogs.

– The average age is 25 and men considerably outnumber women.

– The staff dress code appears to include flip flops, hoodies and shorts. In March.

Peak beard.

– BBC 6 Music is turned up loud.

– The only way to work out who is in charge is to look at the agency website.

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