good stuff from McCain

Having passed no less than eight McCain 6 and 48 sheet posters on the way home from my client meeting today it would be hard not to notice their new campaign – the first from Adam & Eve / DDB since they were appointed last year.



It’s very good.

The brief must have been something about reclaiming a role at teatime for McCain as a family teatime staple in the face of increasingly flexible and unpredictable family mealtimes where the whole family are eating together less frequently through the week.

(youtube link)

The campaign not only places McCain squarely at the center of family meals, it also makes a strong emotional case for family meals themselves as an opportunity to bring the family together in an enjoyable setting.  Essentially with this campaign McCain are setting out to emotionally own family weekday teatimes in a way that Birds Eye totally failed to do achieve with their somewhat contrived campaign last year.

I fully expect to see an IPA effectiveness paper next year. Good stuff.

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