twitter shaming lazy retail

I’ve been following #KeepingChristmasGoing on twitter over the last couple of weeks, which shames retailers that can’t quite let go of their festive PoS, store managers determined to shift that last box of baubles and brands who over-estimated the sell-through on their festively themed packaging.

Someone at Tesco forgot to take this down

Asda must have over-estimated customer enthusiasm for Christmas Tree Ice Lollies

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are still trying to shift ‘Merry Crunch-mas’ boxes

and this is Morrisons’ Goose Fat display on the 16th of February

It must be easily to miss the odd bit of PoS while de-Christmassing a store, but most of the above are more suggestive of logistical, supply chain type failures.  Twitter suggests that Aldi in particular are still heaving with unsold Christmas stock of the booze and chocolate biscuits variety, while Morrisons had serious availability issues pre Christmas.

But if you think the grocers have got problems, try following @WHS_Carpet, a twitter feed that asks the question – how can they still be trading looking like that?

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