Asda eyes up branded content

There are a heck of a lot of How To videos on youtube, many of them now effectively branded content piggybacking a youtuber vlogger’s audience a la Asda’s Mum’s Eye View.


Mum’s Eye View is rather a success story, gaining over 56,000 subscribers and over two million views in the six months since launch. Although that reach might look a bit pants when compared to simply booking a slot in the Coronation Street ad break, the quality of engagement and relevance to the target audience mean that there’s still a significant (if tricky to measure) value to it.

And the data and insight implications of being able to track what 56,00 subscribers are interested in are pretty exciting, especially for Asda who have never gone down the loyalty card route. It’s also an important toe in the water for whatever the next couple of years will being in terms of audience engagement opportunities and the google empire.

The Mums Eye View videos mostly cover food, fashion, home style and beauty. Problem is, none of these blumin beauty videos tell me How To go from stable yard to meeting without bringing I’eau du muckheap with me…

(hat tip to TheDrum and in the spirit of full disclosure I used to do some insight work on Asda for one of their agencies)

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