8 thoughts on “why are so many Planners not doing ad agency Planning anymore?

  1. Hi Gemma,

    I started my career in advertising five years ago as a junior planner without having any idea what kind of job that is because I’ve never heard of it before. My boss was kind enough to hire my as fresh new talent maybe. I learn every process by doing it, my company sent me to seminars, workshop and advertising festival so that I’m exposed with stuff. Which totally fun and enlighten.

    I was good at research though and I love digging through what’s inside people’s head. But I never thought that I was a good planner, because as a planner, I feel like people are expected me to be smartest one in the room and the one who always have the answer for everything. That burdens me.

    On the other hand, I enjoy ideation process, especially writing and word-play. The ECD at my previous office recognizes that and suggest me to be a copywriter. Now, I love what I do. Being a creative and (used to be) a planner helps me a lot in developing idea and execute it.

  2. There are also those hybrids, of which I count myself, who are still planning, in a self-employed consultant role, but who are also pursuing another career or direction.

  3. Hey Gemma – a great piece and clever observation. I’d also add that not only are we able to cut wheat from chaff but also we often start from a place of ‘what will make people ‘get’ this’ so we’re good at understanding what’s not there or said, as well as what is. There’s a lot of tacit stuff in the mix too if feels like.

    I also love your call to ‘be nice to your Planners’ :) xxx

  4. The only way to be nice to your planners is always offering wisdom and inspiration to them and they will never leave you, just like what my previous boss did to me… even physically leave, they will never REALLY leave you in the heart.

  5. Every word is true. Thaks God I’m not the only one who feels there’s more outside Ad Agency for a Strategic Planner.

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