SherlockLives on BlackFriday

So in the last 48 hours I’ve been asked to explain what Black Friday is by my sister, the yard manager at the stables, the lady who does my nails, approx 16 focus group respondents and my Dad.

Asda have clearly had a very busy and successful day with their enthusiastic embrace of USA-style Black Friday markdowns.  They certainly did well in terms of traditional media coverage (apart from the fairly predictable ‘shopper gets hurts in bargain hunting stampede’ story, which googling reveals is par for the course every year in the States).

It looks like Asda’s embrace of Black Friday was a hush-hush project revealed to the general public at the last minute to avoid Tesco & co doing the same thing, which unfortunately resulted this morning in #AsdaBlackFriday being out-shouted online by the BBC’s #SherlockLives, both of which were launched at the 11th hour and with both actual Happenings (Asda’s sale starting at 8am and the Sherlock Airdate Hearse being spotted) coming within an hour of each other.


Typical, isn’t it – you spend months planning a Top Secret Sales Promotion and you get over shadowed by a resurrected floppy haired sociopath detective.

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