I came, I shopped, I vouchered


The vouchers above are what’s left in my purse after I used seven others up on Monday.  Which seems excessive.

At Boots, I used five vouchers, got three back and took advantage of a 3for2 resulting in over a tenner ‘saving’ on my basket of health and beauty stuff – and an extra £7 in points on my Advantage Card too.  At M&S I bought nine greetings cards, used two vouchers, got another one back and paid £7.50 for the lot.  I felt like one of those women from Extreme Couponing.

So the question is, have the big retailers ‘done a Boden’ for Christmas 2013 and, erm, adjusted their prices upwards to allow them to heavily utilise their loyalty schemes and associated vouchers, or has it all just got a bit out of hand? Not to mention, what will happen a fortnight before Christmas if everyone in the already long queue at Boots has half a dozen vouchers they want processing…

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