more green shoots but also gatecrashers

I posted a few weeks ago about what I hoped were the first green shoots of recovery I’d spotted.  And since then I’m pleased to report that the local firm who are fitting our new bathroom tell me their enquiries and orders have doubled over the past two months and they’ve had to take on extra staff, which sounds encouraging.

But I’ve picked up on another mini-trend that seems to reflect the fact that money is still very tight for lots of people – the qualitative research gatecrashers.  I’ve had quite a bit of qual on recently and my mobile number ends up being listed on the research invitation as ‘if on the day for some reason you can’t attend please call….’.  I’ve had 8am calls from women wanting to how “how I can get on the research” (face-to-face depth interviews pre-recruited to a very specific criteria) and focus group respondents turning up with their husband and sister in tow in the hope that I’ll let them into the group too so they can all collect their forty quid.  I’ve had Mums swear blind that the recruiter said it was OK for them to bring their young children with them “they won’t be any trouble!” when it’s been made clear to them that they can only attend on their own and respondents throwing major tantrums because they’ve arrived far too late to attend and therefore won’t be paid. It’s been an interesting Summer!

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