we’re going to need considerably more Investigators of Interesting

In last week’s Radio Times (which is nearly as good as The Sun for a pulse of the nation type snapshot) Radio 4’s Today presenter Justin Webb wrote in his column about how his children will have a limited need to know actual facts, what with the world’s knowledge being there at their digital fingertips.

But he writes that they will need to be able to manipulate information when they find it, “there is a need for clever people to sort [information] out and compare datasets in a way that tells you interesting things about interesting people…but the key to entering this lucrative professional class will be knowing what to do with knowledge, not knowing the knowledge itself.”

In other words, we’re going to need more Planners, more Digital Strategists and more Data Analysts.  But is the current British education system geared up to churning out these kind of investigative seekers of Interesting? Is it heck.

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